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Patrick Creyghton

Patrick Creyghton Born in 1934 in Nijmegen (NL), he attended The Municipal Academy of Applied Arts, and later the Jan Eyck Academy, both in Maastricht. A devout Catholic, Creyghton made mosaics for interiors of churches in his early career. At present Creyghton concentrates on oil paintings of landscapes, with an occasional still life of flowers. His landscapes of the rolling hills in Limburg where he lives seem suspended between idealism and reality -- e.g. one sees a mysterious light on the horizon, but in the foreground is snow with such plasticity one can almost hear it crunch. His flower paintings are full of painstaking detail -- each leaf, each petal carefully portrayed, usually with delicate colours. The world which Creyghton recreates is meant to reflect the one already made by his Creator.