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General terms and conditions of sale Art Revisited


These terms and conditions apply to all orders placed with Art Revisited. By placing an order with Art Revisited, you automatically accept these terms and conditions. All exceptions to the terms and conditions must be agreed upon in writing. Such an agreement does not constitute a waiver of the remaining terms and conditions.


All Art Revisited special offers are non-committal. Art Revisited reserves the right to alter prices at any time. An agreement is only valid once Art Revisited has accepted the order. Art Revisited reserves the right not to accept orders or to enforce special conditions concerning delivery. Should your order not be accepted, you will receive notice within ten (10) working days.


The prices are quoted in Euros, including VAT and excluding handling and postage costs. Orders must be paid for in advance, in accordance with the procedure explained in the “Shopping Basket” (order form) section.


You will usually receive your order, or can collect it at the designated dealer (unless Art Revisited chooses another means of delivery, in which case you will receive notification in good time) within two (2) to six (6) working days. You have the right to cancel the agreement without costs up to the moment of delivery. A later date of delivery does not give you the right to claim damages. Delivery is defined as the moment when an article is presented at the given address or is collected from the designated dealer.


You are obliged to fully respect and uphold all intellectual and industrial copyrights pertaining to articles delivered by Art Revisited.


Check the articles immediately upon receipt. Any defects must be reported to Art Revisited within five (5) working days, including a description of the problem. If it appears that an article fails to meet the terms of the agreement, Art Revisited can choose to replace the article once it has been returned or to refund the amount that was billed plus the postage and packaging costs.


If you decide not to keep an article, for whatever reason, you have the right to return it to Art Revisited within seven (7) working days and thereby to cancel the agreement. Returns are only accepted if the packaging of the article is undamaged and if the plastic seal is intact. The price of the article will be refunded by Art Revisited within fourteen (14) working days. The initial postage and packaging costs and the costs of returning the article are payable by you.


Art Revisited is not responsible for misinterpretation, damage, delay or incorrect delivery of orders and/or misunderstandings regarding announcements that occur as a result of the use of the Internet or other means of communication between you and Art Revisited or between Art Revisited and other parties, unless there is proof of deliberate or serious negligence on the part of Art Revisited. Art Revisited reserves the right to apply or not to apply these terms and conditions at its own discretion.


Should one or more of the conditions set out here or any other agreement with Art Revisited prove to conflict with applicable laws, the agreement will be rescinded and replaced with a similar agreement at the discretion of Art Revisited. Art Revisited reserves the right to employ the services of other parties when handling your order or orders.

Notwithstanding other statuary rights that are applicable to Art Revisited, Art Revisited reserves the right to delay or cancel your order in the case of Acts of God, by informing you in writing and without recourse to legal agencies.


These terms and conditions are bound exclusively to the laws and legal system of the Netherlands, including all rights, liabilities, special offers, orders and agreements to which they are applicable. All disputes are to be settled by the appropriate legal authorities in the Netherlands.


All time-periods as mentioned above may be extended by the length of a holiday period. These holiday periods can be found on the website.