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Our approach

Art has the potential to move people. The passion that an artist invests in his or her work provokes a response in the observer. This passion lies at the heart of everything that we at Art Revisited do.
From 1985, we have been reproducing the work of a group of leading artists (for the greater part contemporary Realists) with great fervour and craftsmanship. The artwork is captured in our own studio, employing a technique that is both unique and state-of-the-art: 64 separate exposures are merged into a single digital photograph. The resulting file is used for each of our products, from art books to postcards and from calendars to Giclées. The inks used during the Giclée production process are guaranteed colourfast for 75 years. In this way, we can offer our customers a reproduction that is barely distinguishable from the original, and with the potential to move people. Art Revisited. Experience the original.

The publishing consists of greeting cards, giclée limited editions, art books and calendars.


Wim Ellens, Director Art Revisited