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Giclée the making of

Many people have a deep love of art but cannot afford the luxury of buying an original painting. A Giclée is a beautiful and affordable alternative that recreates the sensation of the original work as faithfully as possible. To put it simply, a Giclée is a fantastically detailed reproduction of a painting. The technique involved is a time-consuming process that Art Revisited has made its own. Art and craftsmanship married to perfection.


Giclée Facts

- Highest possible quality

- The sensation of an original

- Limited editions, only available as long as stocks last

- Including a signed certificate

- Colours that last a lifetime

- A collection of hundreds of works of art

- Art produced by top artists

- Can be delivered in a frame of your choice



The making of a Giclée

It all starts from a digital image that is made using the original painting. The Art Revisited studio had been specially designed for this task. It is a dark room with a black ceiling and walls. Art Revisited’s photographer, Peter de Jong, focuses the camera and adjusts the exposure time, and then operates the camera from an adjacent room. Each painting requires 64 different exposures! In this way, every detail and nuance is lovingly and accurately captured. The 64 digital photos are then combined to form a single large digital file that is many hundreds of MBs in size (your own digital photos, in comparison, are usually only no more than a few MBs each).

Studio camera.jpg Beeldbewerking.jpg Afdrukken Giclée.jpg Controle kunstenaar.jpg Signeren certificaat.jpg

The following step is the process of image treatment. This is done in a dedicated editing room with special lighting. A calibrated computer screen is used to measure and judge each colour in comparison to the original. A sample is then printed to check if the work has been performed to our satisfaction: if necessary more adjustments are made until the Giclée is almost indistinguishable from the original painting.

Now the Giclée is sent to the artist, along with the original artwork. Once he or she is happy with the result, the size and the quantity of the prints are agreed upon. The artist numbers and signs the certificates, thus formally sanctioning the Giclée and confirming the amount of copies that have been printed. One of these signed and numbered certificates is provided with each and every Art Revisited Giclée. This is your guarantee that you have purchased a reproduction of the finest quality and durability.

The printers use 11 ink colours, which provide a huge gamut of colour. These inks contain colourfast pigments, which allow the Giclée to preserve its colours for 75 years under normal conditions!