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Giclée limited editions 4

Article No. U 269
Author Rob Møhlmann
ISBN 978-90-72736-61-1
Language Dutch and English
Size 16x17cm
Description 96 pages, full colour, hard cover.

The original works of art that Art Revisited have reproduced using the Giclée technique and are taken up in the collection are pieces that have either been sold, or are a part of the artist's private collection. Now we can ensure that these unique artworks are available to art lovers, by reproducing them using Giclée.

This 4th series of Giclée limited editions contains 87 Giclée prints by 32 different artists. The Giclées in this catalogue include Giclées on smooth matte paper, on watercolour paper or on canvas.

€ 6,95

More of Dinie Boogaart, Walter Brems, Patrick Creyghton, Jef Diels, Marijke van Dijk, Marius van Dokkum, Ger Eikendal, Joke Frima, Ulco Glimmerveen, Henk Helmantel, Hans P. Innemée, Pieter Knorr, Jan van Loon, Sijtze Malda, Maria Megens, Erik van Ommen, Theo Onnes, Pieter Pander, Peter van der Ploeg, Yvonne Poelstra-Holzhaus, Rein Pol, Jentsje Popma, Carla Rodenberg, Matthijs Röling, Martin Sijbesma, Ben Snijders, Gerrie Wachtmeester, Peter Wever, Dorry van de Winkel

CB 002
Marius van Dokkum
Christmas balls
Diameter 7 cm
€ 5,95
The Ten O'Clock News
PM 425
Marius van Dokkum
The Ten O'Clock News
Greeting cards
15 x 15 cm Smile
€ 2,95
C 0123
Marius van Dokkum
Art Circles
ø 30
€ 55,-
Between Storm and Dusk
Joke Frima
Between Storm and Dusk
€ 230,-
Sandwich tern
Erik van Ommen
Sandwich tern
€ 35,-