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Juane Xue

Juane Xue The figurative artist Juane Xue is originally from China and was born in the year 1962 in Kaifeng. Her unique style puts the lie to the famous phrase by Rudyard Kipling that “East and West” never shall meet. Her work combines the subtle tonality of the East with the pronounced sense of colour that typifies the French impressionists and the German expressionists.
In every painting she strives to express her artistic experiences through light and shadow. She does this by means of her own colour techniques that create a space and depth as well as a radiant world of colour that are all her own.
Juane Xue gave masterclasses at the Klassieke Academie voor Schilderkunst in Groningen, the Netherlands.
She lives in Amersfoort, where she also has her studio and painting courses.